Why your company should have a proper waste disposal

If you’re a business owner in the UK, you certainly heard of the waste disposal requirements. The Environment Agency has an extense legislation about how commercial and business waste should be stored, collected, transported and disposed of. But complying with the government’s legislation is not the only reason why should you have a proper waste disposal. Let’s see how your business can benefit from waste management.

Cost saving initiative

It’s true that your business will always produce waste, however, the amount of waste can be reduced. At each activity of your company, you can use methods to produce less waste and, therefore, save money on disposal.

Examples of these methods are:


  • Reuse: in some cases, cleaning and repairing products can be cheaper than buying new ones.


  • Composting: food scraps are one the heaviest materials and, because of that, it can require expensive services for disposal. By using a composting site or facility, you can cut the costs of removing such organic material in the traditional way.


  • Recycling: this a good alternative to materials that won’t naturally decompose. And of course, recycling helps you to save on supplies.

Green business reputation

The clients of today know a lot and are pretty much aware of the environmental impacts caused by commercial and business activities. That’s why even your regular client wants a green business.

They want to see that you care about the environment and that you’re doing your part to conserve natural resources. So having a proper waste management is an effective way to build your green reputation and gain your customer’s trust.

Protecting your employees

Industries can produce dangerous materials, that can harm the environment, the property and the people who work with them. In every chance of contact with such materials, it’s essential to follow the specific guidelines for hazardous waste.

This seems be a great idea, but how will you get the time to make a complete waste management and keep up to date with the changing legislation? The answer is let the experts manage your waste disposal for you.

Let the experts manage your business waste disposal

The Oates Environmental has an experienced team ready to offer a complete waste management. Your business can choose from a wide range of solutions:

Liquid Waste

  • Liquid Waste: printing, oil, engineering waste, acids/alkalis, leachate, septic tank and effluents

Packaged and Drummed Waste

  • Packaged and Drummed Waste: corrosive and flammable chemicals

Hazardous Waste

  • Hazardous Waste: sealants, aerosol, adhesive, mastic, contaminated materials and pesticides

Absorbents contaminated with oil

  • Absorbents contaminated with oil: PPE, rags, granular absorbs, booms, pads and socks

Printer waste

  • Printer waste: inks, blanket wash and developer waste container

And if you’re wondering if this company has a proper registration to conduct waste management, you can access their license or see their name directly on the Environment Agency list.

This company is known to have a strong commitment to UK guidelines for waste operations. So with these services, you can rest assured that your business waste disposal will be up to date with the current legislation.

The Oates Environmental solutions are made for those who want to save money, time and the environment. Get in touch by phone number 0113 277 2500 or send a message using the website contact. This team is ready for you!

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