Which is Better- DIY Repair or Calling a Technician for AC repair

If you are unaware of the intricate functioning of air conditioning system, it is necessary that you seek advice and assistance of professionals who are trained in their job. However, there are few signs that warn you immediately that something is really not right with your system.

When to call the technicians for AC repair?

  1. If AC does not turn on. However, if you have little knowledge about electricity and equipments, check for your breakers if any of the fuse is blown away.
  2. Furthermore, if your unit is not cooling the air and is on the same room temperature, it’s high time, to call the technician.
  3. One more indication that arises is building up of ice inside the hoses or around the equipment. This is again an unusual feature and technician should be contacted immediately for the repairs.
  4. A bad odor is another indication of giving a call to the technician.
  5. If you see any smoke coming out or ignition of spark, you should unplug the unit as soon as possible and contact the repair service straight away.
  6. In most cases motor dysfunction is the major issue faced by most of the customers. In such cases, the motor stops working and indicates issues of air conditioner.
  7. There are certain cases when the drain lines are clogged and leads to malfunctioning of the compressors.
  8. Other issues of AC repair also include broken fans, ducts leakage or volume issues, low coolant levels, thermostat issues etc.

When to go for DIY repair

If you have already decided to go for DIY repair, then ensure that you have the basic information of all the elements and their mechanism like compressor, condenser, dryer or evaporator, refrigerator expansion valve etc.

What you should never do?

Never attempt to disassemble the air conditioner on your own if you are a newbie otherwise you will damage your own equipment mounting loss on yourself.

The menace of DIY repair of Air Conditioner:

  • Without having any prior knowledge will not only risk your life but can cause excessive damage to your air conditioner too.
  • By disassembling yourself, you will have to pay twice or thrice of the amount in contrast to simply turning to a trained professional.
  • The best part of hiring the trained professional is that they have an in-depth knowledge of each and every component and this way they will save your hundred of dollars.
  • Usually, the professionals get many parts on highly discounted prices that the user gets at high price. In this way, seeking assistance of the professional becomes highly reasonable.
  • Apart from that, more than 70% the individuals will have to get their units repair again within a couple of months. Since the customers have lack of experience they simply put a band-aid on the fracture that requires professional assistance.

The trained professionals have a number of years of experience in examining and rectifying such problems. Hence seek their assistance and make your experience a splendid one.

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