What Type of Windows Do You Need

The selection of a window is based on the architectural style of your building and your specific preferences. Window installations feature styles such as bay windows, casement and sliding sash windows, tilt and turn windows, and windows for roofs. Therefore, you can find just the right window design to suit your criteria.

Bay Windows

If you are contemplating bay windows for your home, these stylish installations are designed to project outwards. They can be configured to include as many as seven glass panes. When bay windows are featured, the homeowner enjoys both additional floor space and extra light. The larger sills of the windows open up a room so it looks larger as well. This secure and stylish choice is often preferred in traditionally designed homes.

Superior Ventilation

If you are considering casement and sliding sash windows, you are seeking versatility. These types of windows are made in a variety of frames, making them a number one choice for window renovations or contemporarily styled homes. Because they open outwards, the windows offer a generous stream of light and superior ventilation.

If your home currently features worn sliding sash windows, you may want to choose timber sash and case windows or sliding UPVC sash windows that feature secure locks and hinges.

Where to Find A-rated Windows

Whatever type of window you select, make sure you buy it from a company such as SRJ Windows, which features A-rated windows. Casement and sliding sash windows feature glazing and bespoke framing, all of which is designed to keep your home comfortable whilst you save on energy.

An Easy-to-Clean Window Style

If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain window, you may want to consider a tilt-and-turn style. This style is recommended if you live in a property that does not have access to the outside. Therefore, you will find that this window replacement is the ideal solution for buildings that feature flats. Even if you do have outside access, this type of window makes cleaning a breeze.

Roof Windows – Keep Your Home Warmer When it Is Cold Outside

If you want more natural light to flow into your home, consider installing roof windows. The windows are not only energy-efficient, they warm your living space in the winter months so you do not have to use as much fuel. Windows are available in various sizes and styles, including designs that feature centre pivots for sloping or simpler maintenance and cleaning. If you want to maximise your interior space, choose a vertical design.

Whatever you choose in a window upgrade, you not only will be saving on your energy use, you will also be enhancing the resale value and the looks of your property. A window installation ensures that your home will be comfortable regardless of the season, even if you do not have to rely as much on your air conditioning or heating.

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