What To Look For In A Slate Roofing Company

Traditional slate roofing has always been popular among Australian homeowners, and while this trade is very old, there are still specialist roofing contractors that work with slate. The skills are handed down from father to son, and as long as the demand is there, the trade will continue to flourish. With all of the other alternatives to traditional slate, you might think that its popularity is waning, and it certainly isn’t the cheapest of roof coverings, yet many homeowners know that a slate roof will outlast anything else, and therefore, is a cost effective way of providing stylish protection for the home. If you are considering reroofing, or are planning to build your dream home, and are looking for a roof slater, here are some aspects to look for when making your selection.

Associations, Awards and Accreditations – With slate roofing being a very distinguished trade, one would expect an established contractor to be accredited and approved by major construction organisations and federations, and to be frank, the absence of this is not a good indicator. Any slater worth their salt in Australia would be a member of The Master Roofers and Slaters Association, and this is the best indication of quality work. There are award winning slate roofers in Sydney and surrounding areas who specialise in character properties, and the best part is the 20-year warranty, which is a reflection of their expertise.

Testimonials – If you are able to read about the many happy clients and can view before and after images of the roof, this offers an insight into the finished product and also how the customers felt about the actual installation. When you are having something major done like a new roof, the tradesmen should be friendly, polite and eager to please, and with a professional attitude from start to finish, your new roof will be a “fit and forget” solution that will always complement the property.

Transparency – Gone are the days when a contractor hands you a slip of paper with a figure on it, and a reputable slate roofing contractor would clearly break down every aspect of the quote, making it easy for the customer to see where their money is being spent. This is an important aspect of any successful business, as it boosts customer confidence, and once you can clearly see how the quote is put together, you are in a position to make an informed decision. The roofing company would also detail every stage of the project, and you would be assigned a project manager who would ensure that everything is in place, and with deadlines and budget always in mind, your new roof would be professionally erected.

Making the decision to have a slate roof is not one to be taken lightly, but with the right contractor, you can rest assured that it is money well spent and the slate roof will protect your home for many decades.

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