What Is SkamoWall and How Does it Help Fight Mould

Whether in a home or a business, mould growth is extremely unpleasant and not only threatens the appearance and condition of your home but also the safety of the residents or visitors.

Areas of the home that have been exposed to moisture, especially for extended periods of time, may promote mould growth that can quickly spread before you ever notice it.

So, what is the most effective mode of action for mould removal and prevention?

What Is SkamoWall?

SkamoWall by Skamol is fairly recent technology in the fight against mould and it can be installed before or after mould occurs.

SkamoWall is a wall that somewhat resembles traditional drywall; while installation is also similar, the functional purposes of these walls are much more extensive and designed specifically for mould prevention. Contact your SkamoWall suppliers in Plymouth for more information.

Unlike plasterboard and other wall materials, SkamoWall provides all of the following,

  • Dampness regulation
  • Protection from fires
  • Greater insulation
  • Quicker installation

These walls absorb dampness and gradually release it, making it impossible for mould to grow on the walls.

Install Before or After

If your home or business experiences excessive mould growth, the walls will have to be removed and rebuilt. Rather than replace them with the same material, you can choose SkamoWall so that the issue doesn’t happen again.

Alternatively, you can install these boards before mould occurs as a preventative measure if you live in an area that is prone to flooding and other sources of moisture.

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