What Is Involved in a House Clearance

House clearance services can be used for the purpose of downsizing or for removing unwanted items after the death of a loved one. A partial bereavement clearance is also offered if only a few items need to be removed.

Types of Clearances

You can also request comprehensive clearance services for a home, shed, garage, or loft. Additional services may extend to clearing an office or storage unit. The service is also suggested for rubbish removal or probate valuations. Therefore, select a company that handles all sorts of clearances or loads. Whether you need to have a single item removed or several truck loads, the company you select should be able to handle the work.

How to Initiate the Process

In order to schedule a Surrey house clearance, all you need to do is call the service first to obtain a free no-obligation quote. If you are happy with the quote, you can go ahead and schedule the service. The amount you will pay will depend on the labour involved, the cost of disposal for the items that are cleared, and the resale value of the cleared items.

How the Pricing Is Set

 If the items hold a considerable resale value, the clearance company will either inform you where to sell the items or they will make an offer themselves. If they purchase the items at an agreed price, that price is offset against the price charged for clearing the belongings from a site. In some instances, the clearance is not charged at all.

Why a Clearance Makes Life Simpler

If you decide not to sell the items to the clearance company, they will still transport your furnishings to an auction house or convey them to specific or planned locations. The whole idea is to remove the items you no longer need or require at the present time. By requesting a clearance, you will better know what you have and what to do with items you no longer need.

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