What Do You Need To Expect From Hoarding Cleanup Services?

Hoarding is a psychological condition that surprisingly, a lot of people have. A hoarder will typically start slow, but then his or her collection gradually builds up. The next thing you know, your house becomes unlivable because of all the things you have accumulated. The problem is, you can’t throw away all the stuff you have hoarded. To a hoarder, everything that they have acquired is valuable. Therein lies the problem. Cleaning a house of a hoarder isn’t as easy as you think. To be able to clean up the mess that a hoarder makes, you will need the help of a specialized hoarding cleanup company. This type of cleaning service is what hoarders need to clean up their house. So what can you expect from this type of service? Read on to find out.

Remove Fire Risks

For a hoarding cleanup service, they are trained to spot anything that might become a fire risk. Naturally, the more items that a hoarder has in the house, the higher the risk of fire. So the cleanup service will always be on the lookout for anything that can be easily ignited or anything that can fuel a fire.

Remove Indoor Air Pollutants

The risk of hoarding stuff is that it will accumulate and will cause mold to grow which can cause air impurities that will turn into air pollutants. (I know right?) Who would have guessed that there are indoor pollutants? Anyway, the cleaners will be on the lookout for these types of trash.

Biohazard Removal

Notice that most hoarding clean up service specialists usually wear biohazard protective suits. That’s because they will naturally encounter biohazards when cleaning a hoarder’s house. The reason for this is that pets, animals and insects that are inside the home will present feces and urine which will mix into debris, pharmaceutics and garbage; this can lead to the formation of toxins E. E. Coli, Staph Bacteria and Hanta Virus.

Work With The Home Owner To Figure Out What To Keep And Let Go

This is what sets hoarding cleanup services apart from any ordinary cleaning service. The crew will work with the owner to segregate all the stuff that he or she owns. After the segregation process is completed, the team together with the owner will determine that things that they need to throw away and those that they can keep. It sounds easy, but you can’t believe how long this process takes. A lot of hoarders try to bargain and save everything, but the crew will be able to communicate with them appropriately.

Cleaning a hoarder’s house is not easy. As you can see, several risks come with the job. The cleaning specialists will be able to go through the hoarder’s home and clean it thoroughly. Their primary goal is to make the house livable for the person who hired them. The main difference between a hoarding cleanup service and a regular cleaning service is that former will be able to keep what’s valuable and essential to a hoarder. You can’t get that from a run of the mill cleaning company.

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