What Different Kinds of Driveway Coatings Are There

Driveway coatings assist in protecting a surface from the harmful effects of things such as petrol, oil, and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Various kinds of driveway coating products are now available for surfaces like asphalt and concrete driveways.

Asphalt driveways may be covered with coal tar, asphalt, acrylic, water-based, or oil-based products and concrete driveways can be covered with either epoxy or linseed oil-based products. In addition, there is also a special crack-filling driveway coating which is useful for both asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Coal Tar

Coal tar driveway coatings are made up of coal tar, polymers, and clay or sand. This type of coating is normally long lasting because of its resistance to oil and petrol. Coal tar driveway coatings can be laid on surfaces that are continually exposed to direct sunlight without any fading or discolouring over time. This coating actually works out to be somewhat cost friendly and can be professionally applied by groundwork companies in Norwich, with the necessary experience, equipment and know how.


Asphalt driveway coatings are made mainly from asphalt and sand and are slightly more prone to be somewhat impaired by petrol and oil than other types of driveway coatings, as petrol functions as a natural solvent for asphalt. Asphalt coatings that are continuously exposed to constant sunlight will usually need an upgrade every three to four years and are generally slightly more expensive than coal tar coatings.


Acrylic coatings are completely unnatural and made from a combination of polymers and acrylic. An acrylic driveway is usually quite expensive, but has more resistance to sunlight, oil, and petrol than other types of coatings. This type of coating is normally easy to apply and will last for many years and can also come in various colours.

Water Based

Water-based and oil-based driveway coatings are inexpensive and simple to apply. These coatings are similar in their make up to regular paint and come in a range of colours. The petroleum element of oil-based coatings makes them somewhat longer lasting than water-based coatings and both normally provide the same resistance to UV rays as ordinary paint does and will require a recoat after a couple of years.


Old fashioned concrete driveways may be covered with the choice of an epoxy material or plain linseed oil. An epoxy driveway coating protects the concrete surface from petrol, oil, and sunlight, which makes it enduring. With the application of an epoxy coating onto a concrete driveway, it will put a stop to any cracking during any times of extreme temperature change.

Crack Prevention

Unique crack-filling driveway coatings can be used for both concrete and asphalt surfaces and have been designed for small areas to prevent existing cracks from expanding. Crack-filling coatings can be applied via a hot or cold method, and cold applications are made with the use of a caulking tool, whilst hot applications require the use of a propane torch.

Nowadays, driveways have never had such a choice of layers!

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