Trees Get Sick Too: Hire a Tree Surgeon to Handle Your Tree-Related Concerns Delicately

As beautiful as trees are to have in your yard, sometimes they turn into issues that need to be taken care of.

Different Kinds of Issues Caused by Trees

  • Overgrowth

Sometimes trees grow too large and interfere with things such as power lines or buildings, or they are just simply too large for the location.

  • Weak Points

Naturally, portions of trees or even entire trees die and pose as a potential hazard. Weak trees are especially vulnerable to weather, and removing dead wood saves them from falling onto something or someone.

Sometimes abnormalities or strange growths can turn into weak points.

  • Stumps

On the other hand, maybe you already removed the tree, and now the stump is getting in the way of business.

What is a Tree Surgeon?

Technically called arborists, tree surgeons specialise in the management of trees, especially paying attention to health. There are a number of reliable tree surgeon services in Orpington who will determine, maintain, and address the health of your trees.

What Can a Tree Surgeon Do for You?

A tree surgeon can perform a number of tree-related services.

  • Crowd Reduction
  • Crown Lifting
  • Removing Dead Wood
  • Stump Removal
  • Complete Tear Downs

Tree surgeons get their name by being knowledgeable about trees and how to treat them. They essentially remove, adjust the height, improve access or clearance to, and completely take down trees in a strategic, almost surgical manner. If your tree is a nuisance or you are afraid it might fall, don’t be afraid to give a tree surgeon a call.


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