Top Reasons to Have a Pond on Your Property

Ponds are something that few homeowners consider right away when they decide to renovate their home, but they can add quite a few advantages that might surprise you. The many homeowners that did decide to add a pond or water garden to their home will tell you without hesitation how much it did to improve their properties. In fact, by being clever about the equipment you buy for your pond, you can enjoy the beauty of water and fish on your property with minimal maintenance after installation.

Adding Property Value

Ponds and water gardens are an easy way to add value to the top of your property’s worth. This is particularly true in urban areas where clear water and natural scenes are hard to find. By adding a pond or water garden to your property, you increase the chances of capturing the attention of potential buyers.

Studies made recently found that many homeowners were willing to spend up to 10,000 additional pounds on a home just to avoid doing additional work after moving in. Upgrades such as fresh paint, an orangery, and a pond are big sellers among home buyers with families. In short, the less work your buyer has to do after moving in, the more likely they are to make an offer on your home.

In addition, a pond in your backyard may improve your chances to sell by helping your property to stand out. Real estate agents love something that is unique and beautiful.  Thus, they often place properties with water gardens, beautiful staircases, and other attractions at the front of their advertisement campaigns. By adding something new and exciting to your property, your chances of selling quickly and at your asking price may increase two or even three times.


Creating your pond with the right equipment will allow you to enjoy its presence on your property without too much maintenance. For example, when you get a great pump for your pond, you ensure that it is properly filtered at all times to avoid the buildup of mildew or mould. This is your chance to sit down next to your pond and enjoy a warm cup of tea with some biscuits without worrying about cleaning it later on.

Ponds add to your property by simply being beautiful and fun to have around. If you have children, it might be a good idea to include some beautiful and long-lived fish, such as Koi. This gives your children something interesting to interact with outside of the home, a feat difficult to accomplish in today’s age of indoor technology.

This is also a chance for you to introduce your children to a love of nature, which may grow and follow them into their adult lives. One small interaction such as feeding and playing with the Koi in your pond may yet awaken a new career choice in the heart of your child. While they play and learn, simply lay back and enjoy the gorgeous appearance of your garden. The relaxation you feel in that moment will make the small amount of time needed for installation worth it.

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