Three Trimming Techniques to Eliminate Tree Problems

There are many reasons that you should consider pruning the trees on your property. Pruning them can:

  • Prevent damage to property
  • Keep branches from hanging over roads
  • Promote growth
  • Reduce shade on lawn

However, unless you’re knowledgeable about tree pruning, you should leave it to the experts to prevent killing the trees. Tree surgeons can use one of these techniques to prune trees to ensure their health.

Tree Thinning

Thinning a tree can be done at any time of year to help reduce the amount of shade on your lawn. Too much shade can prevent the grass and other plants from growing. Thinning the branches allows more sunlight to shine on the lawn so that everything beneath the tree can grow.

Tree Elevating

Trimming or removing the lowest branches on a tree, known as tree elevating, allows the tree to grow straight and strong. This technique helps eliminate branches overhanging fences, pools, or the roof of your house. Tree surgeons in Walton-on-Thames also use tree elevating to prevent sideways growth that can put too much stress on the trunks of trees.

Crown Reduction

If the tops of the trees on your property are misshapen or have dead branches, then tree surgeons can do a technique called crown reduction to eliminate these problems. It involves removing the tops of the trees down to the secondary branches with cuts that are no more than 60% larger than the lower branches.

It is important to allow tree professionals to take care of trimming and pruning trees so it is done correctly.


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