Things to Know About Glass Sliding Door and Windows

The glass sliding doors & windows are also known as “patio doors” and it is a type of architecture where the door entirely made of glass slides horizontally to open up. Usually, the system has two glass panels in which one is fixed, and another one can be slide or move horizontally. There are also other designs where the two panels slide completely to provide more extensive space for passing.

The glass sliding doors & windows are built from the idea of “shoji” and “fusuma” which are the traditional sliding doors and windows of Japanese architecture. They are used everywhere from offices to homes, and they bring a more sophisticated look to that environment. Also, they make the room appear more spacious. Even you can also install the glass sliding doors between your ground floor drawing room and garden areas. You can open it during any outdoor party and add more space for your guests.

Types of Glass Sliding Doors and Windows Available in The Market:

The glass sliding doors & windows usually come in the typical style where the right panel slides right, and left panel slides left. They also have a variant where there is a center panel which either slides towards left or right. So you can customize these doors and windows according to your needs and you can hire a designer to install the same in your rooms.

  • Looking from the traditional view the door has only two panels in which one is mobile, and the other is fixed. In the traditional Japanese-style rooms also known as “Washitu,” the doors and windows are made using traditional materials. They can also be seen in traditional Japanese-style restaurants. But now you can also follow the same style and install these doors in your rooms.
  • Another type of glass sliding doors & windows is the glass pocket doors where both the panels slide completely into the wall pockets. There is also another type where the glass panels are suspended from above. This was developed by a German manufacturer mainly for the use of weatherproofing. These glasses sliding doors and windows are ideal for commercial uses and people can easily save their office space by installing these suspended glass doors and windows.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Sliding Doors and Windows?

The sliding doors are mainly used in hotels and apartments to have a more excellent view. They are also used in interiors between two rooms and also alongside a swimming pool area. Automobile and factory offices mainly prefer it as it will give a full view of the workspace, and at the same time these doors can also prevent noise pollution and provide soundproof rooms. You can open these doors and windows during daytime and allow some fresh air and natural lights. These doors and windows can reduce your power consumption bill and they can block the heat during summer to keep your rooms cool.

  • There is exclusive use of glass sliding doors and windows in the railway department as it will protect the passengers from any type accident. The glass sliding doors & windows are commonly made from PVC plastics materials such wood, stainless steel or steel, aluminum. These doors usually need replacement parts such as the bearings that help the door slide.
  • The glass doors can also be glazed with low emissivity coatings or gas fillings like Argon to prevent reflection of UV rays, or they can also be covered with ordinary curtains or shades.

The security system for glass sliding doors & windows is done by mainly focusing on the prevention of substantial doors from sliding and also from being lifted off their rails. This is done by fixing anti-lift locks in the top and security bars fitted on the door from inside to prevent sliding of doors.

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