The Three Options For Selling Your House – Pros and Cons

For those who are selling a home, there are three paths to take in selling it without a problem. There are pros and cons in each form, but it goes about in patience and setting. First, there is the simple way in hiring a real estate agent; second, there is simply selling the house alone with all risks involved; and third, there is selling the house to a person called a whole sale house buyer – aka an all-cash buyer. Normal protocol in selling a house takes time, such as a few months, which is why people take the third, unconventional route of an all-cash buyer, which has some issues of its own. Here is how it is broken down.

With a real estate agent, there is contract where the agent will be the representative and have the property cleaned, fixed, or “flipped,” being completely refurbished. It will then be listed on the market and there will be an open house for potential buyers to visit. Then, comes an offer, if accepted, the paperwork will be handled by the agent for the seller. Once it is closed, the real estate agent will get their commission. Its pros include a price sold higher than the other two options and these real estate agents can make it easier for sellers for simple cost to hire. The downside is the cost of transfer is higher than doing it alone while the process can take up to an entire year.

In selling the property alone, it is easy to do now thanks to different websites that is user friendly, Craigslist included. The owner puts the house up alone with what its value is worth and can look to guides into writing up the right price. Sometimes, getting a paid assessment of the actual value gives is worth it. Then, take a few pictures inside and out and clean the entire home so it is pretty for showcasing. The offers are given, choose the one that is the best, and do the paperwork. For those who know how to sell or know the real estate market, they can do this at their own time. That means no commissions, no fees on transactions, and nobody else controlling the deal but yourself. The downside is for those who have zero experience, it will be a hassle and mistakes by undervaluing it is easy to do.

The third choice is to sell to a cash buyer, which makes the selling process much faster. They themselves do this alone. Be careful, though; don’t get caught in a game of high-pressuring the salesman. Check with their references – a con in this manner. If legit, move along with the process, which includes inviting them over to look at the house. If they like what they see, they will take the offer or work with you in making a deal, typically with an escrow business, and the transactions are made. With wholesale cash buyers, there are no extra costs and the process is expedited. People like things easy and fast. The downside is wholesale cash buyers don’t pay the complete value, especially if there is any damage or something missing to the house. It may come too fast, too cheap, and again, the buyer may be smarter than the seller.

With each option, it is about comfort and time and hassle. It is up to the seller what they want to do and how to get it over with – quickly or in a timely manner – and how much money they want to get out of it – without giving commission or paying a fee for getting as much value out of it. These three are all without its faults, but with its pros.

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