The New Kitchen Renovation Trend

The kitchen is one of the first places homeowners tend to renovate when making updates to a home. Several factors make it a good place to start your home improvement efforts.

Why Kitchen Updates Make Sense

Kitchens tend to provide the highest return on investment when selling a home so it’s a smart financial decision. The kitchen is also a central part of the house for many people and with so much time being spent in this space, it makes sense that people want their kitchens to be visually appealing. While kitchens are a great investment, they can be costly.

The Rise of the Kitchen Installation

Major companies and designers have come up with new ways to make a beautiful, modern kitchen attainable at a lower cost through kitchen installations. A kitchen installation is a kitchen that is already completely designed. Homeowners save time and money not having to pick out each appliance and try to put together a complete kitchen look. Kitchen installations are designed by experts and have become increasingly popular in the US and UK. There are many options for a kitchen installation in Cornwall as well as other major English counties.

Kitchen installations have become popular for many reasons, including:

  • Pre-designed kitchens with customisable options
  • Designer style without the high price tag
  • Price known up front as opposed to typical kitchen renovations, which can be much more expensive than estimated
  • Reduced time and stress of having to pick out every appliance and colour

Kitchen installations are modern, elegant, aesthetically appealing, and less expensive than typical kitchen renovations and a great option for many homeowners.


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