The Items That Can Be Removed From A Blocked Drain

You may have some drains in your household that have become blocked, and you are unable to remove the blockage. Alternatively, the drains outside your house may have become blocked and they are causing a problem for the entire street.

This is an issue that needs to be tackled by professionals who have a large amount of experience. They are going to use a wide variety of machines and substances to make sure that the blockages have been removed.

Which items can be removed from a blocked drain with the right equipment?

Cooking Fat

It is becoming more and more common for so-called “fatbergs” to create blocked drains in Melbourne eastern suburbs that need to be dealt with. When you pour cooking oil down the plug hole, this can cause the entire system to become clogged.

This means that the fat needs to be removed as quickly as possible. The professionals are going to be able to do this effectively when they are using the right tools and machinery. Then the drains are going to be fit for purpose once again.


Debris may have become stuck in the drains. This may potentially cause sewage to come back up the pipe and cause health problems. The debris can be broken down into smaller pieces by technicians using specialist equipment. Then the drain is going to work properly again.


There may be a buildup of raw sewage in the drains which means that the blockage has been caused. This can pose a health risk and can also create unpleasant smells. The professionals are going to be able to deal with this issue when they are using specialist tools.

Dead Animals

Dead animals can sometimes cause a blockage in the drains. The most common animals to get stuck in the drains include rats and birds. The dead animals can be removed by a specialist firm who have several workmen.

The Impact That The Cleared Drains Are Going To Have

  • People are going to be able to go to the toilet without worrying that sewage is going to become backed up in the drains.
  • People’s houses will function properly again.
  • Unpleasant smells are going to completely disappear.
  • People’s health is going to be protected.
  • People are not going to be inconvenienced by the impact of these blockages.

Overall Article Round-Up

The drains can become blocked by a number of different things. There could be some debris down there or there could be some dead animals. The drains can also become blocked by cooking fat and sewage. A team of professionals will be able to remove the blockage completely so that the drains are working properly again. This is going to make you healthier and you will no longer have to worry about the blockages.

Any time that a new blockage is apparent, the same company can be contacted. They will make sure that the blockage is removed or flushed out completely.

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