Some Common Roofing Repairs

Your roof is the first line of defence against many different problems that can arise with your home. Your roof catches the rain and redirects it away from your home by the use of gutters. Those gutters direct water away from the foundation of your home; if they didn’t work properly, the water could erode the soil around the foundation and endanger your home. Furthermore, the roof helps to insulate your home against energy transfer. It prevents heat from escaping during the winter and protects against sun warmth during the summer.

Fascias and Soffits

The soffits and fascias are the elements of your roof that run perpendicular to the slope of the roof. They form the seals at right angles in your roof. Since they are at right angles, they can sometimes begin to leak.

Tile Separations

The tiles or shingles on your roof can become damaged. If that is the case, the damage will often be obvious just by looking at it. However, many problems can arise if the roof tiles simply begin to separate from one another. This means that moisture and dirt can slip underneath the tiles without showing any outward damage. If you have a leak that you can’t find the source of, it’s likely that your tiles are beginning to separate. You’ll need professionals to deal with that kind of problem.


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