Simple Hacks to Improve your home

From a psychological perspective, a well-kept home is a source of satisfaction and helps the mind relax. Investing in your home pays off in not only improving your home’s appearance and eco-friendly performance but also helps lower stress levels. These are some hacks that will transform your house with cost effective upgrades.

As you make improvements to your home, make sure you choose techniques that contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

Reduce Electricity Consumption

Unplug unused devices and opt for natural alternatives to drying clothes. That means, set up a horizontal string in your backyard or any open space and dry your clothes on it. Washing clothes using cold water is also useful in reducing energy usage. Buy a programmable thermostat to ensure during 0 occupancy all heating/cooling systems and lightings are turned off. Insulate your doors, windows, basement and attic. Buy an energy audit to keep track of the amount of energy you consume. This also makes you habitual and more sensitive to wasting natural resources. Use your food waste as compost. Install an irrigation system to adequately transport water without wastage. You can various sites pertaining to professional information guiding you to nature conservation techniques

Fresh Painted Walls and Furnished Flooring

Walls are the most exposed part of our homes. Without being freshly painted, the walls fail to complement any objects in the room (furniture and decor). Instead, we feel more obliged to spend on a wide range of decorations to compensate for that. The same goes for rough and scratched flooring. Your furniture is likely to lose its charm when the flooring reflects poor maintenance. Paint your walls and polish your floor from time to time to avoid the need to spend on new accessories and furniture. These two tasks can easily be managed on your own and therefore, maintenance cost is low. You can use eco-friendly paint that is better for the environment and your home.

Create Your Own Wall Decor

Your wall decoration needs upgrading just like the rest of the things. With time, you should utilize as many resources you have at home. You can create your own art to decorate the walls. Here’s a unique way to create a beautiful art design:

Take 3 6 x 8 rustic wood pieces, 3 large glass jars, 3 yellow LED Christmas light strings and 3 bunches of flowers (hand picked from your garden, or leftover faux flowers from old decorations. Hang the wooden planks on the wall and attach the glass jars to each of them with LED lights inside. Cover the jars with the 3 bunches of flowers. You’ll have beautifully unique lamp & wall vases hanging on the walls.

Use Dishwashers to Minimize Water Usage

You have a responsibility to nature that has given you so much. Installing dishwashers is one effective way to conserve water. Dishwashers are efficient and use less water to clean dishes compared to manual washing. While selecting a dishwasher, choose a metallic one; this will contrast with any color you have in your kitchen. It will also require less surface maintenance.

Switch to Lanterns and LED Light Fixtures

Lanterns add a vintage feel to our homes. They’re not only attractive but also decent sources of lighting without using electricity. You can find these at garage sales at giveaway prices. Likewise, LED light fixtures at home lend beauty to our rooms and increase energy efficiency. Glass and metal fixtures are resilient, therefore, upgrade your rooms with fixtures that last long. Avoid bulky plastic ones and try going for designs that decently contrast with a variety of wall paints. This will prevent frequent replacements to color coordinate with new wall paints.

Add Interior Shutters in Kitchen Doors

Shutter windows in doors, or shutter wooden doors allow sunlight to stream through. These doors are best for kitchens as they provide natural ventilation. There’s a variety of shutter doors you can choose from or customize your own. Doors can easily be refaced and rarely require frequent replacement. Knowing that doors noticeably highlight home transformation, invest a good budget into doors to ensure resilience and durability.


Windows can be the most neglected hardware in the house. This is a value boosting tip: keep your window glass clear and succinct. Install wider window frames to maximize exposure from the sun. The brighter the room, the less electricity you’ll consume during the day time. A naturally glowing home does wonders. Wider window slots also lend a spacious look to rooms and are suitable for both small houses that look too congested and large houses that need more wall openings than enclosed walls.

Change Water taps and Shower Fixtures

Small details can make all the difference needed. Upgrading watertaps and shower fixtures can add a highly maintained look to your home and prevent water leakage from old taps. The effort also reflects dedication and pro-activeness. While choosing watertap and fixtures, go for low flow fixtures that maximize water pressure yet minimize the amount of water passing through. These fixtures are designed to conserve water without reducing efficiency in their performance.



Curtains have existed in various forms for over centuries. Each era has had its own purpose to draw from this fabric innovation. In the modern era, curtains beautify our living spaces and mercifully shade us from direct sunlight. Choose your curtains according to seasons, which means curtains require frequent changes. Each season dictates to us the dos and donts we should live by. During the winter season it is best to go for a thick curtain fabric (velvet/suede) as it insulates the cold sweeping in from windows, reducing your heating consumption. But during the summer season, light fabric and pastel colors work best. Less heat is trapped in these curtains, allowing the room to remain cool. Sheer white fabric is a top choice for curtains to complement just about any furniture and interior in the room. You can explore through a wide fabric selection available on sites.

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