Selecting an Iron Bed

When making a selection for a metal bed, you usually want to pick a bed that is made of hand-forged wrought iron. This quality bed is typically finished in black or gunmetal. If you want an ivory or silver finish, you have to wait longer for the bed to be delivered due to the extra labour. If you choose to include a mattress with the bed, then it can take about three weeks for the fitted mattress to arrive.

Base and Bed Colours

Some people wonder if they should buy a metal bed with a solid divan base, or one that features slats. Either variety is a fine option, as they are both study and will not deteriorate. Bases are usually finished in black so that they complement black and gunmetal frames alike. Ivory bed frames, on the other hand, normally feature matching ivory bases.

Slatted bases for iron beds usually feature closely spaced slats in order to supply excellent support. The slats slightly soften the feel of the mattress as they feature a laminated sprung slat. The slatted base is supported by a two-inch square piece of steel that runs the full length of the base’s centre. By using this configuration, the base features two separate halves. It usually takes about 30 minutes to assemble the bed.

You can also choose metal beds with two-inch upholstered bases that drop nicely into a strong steel frame. The beds feature a top quality base to support the bed and accommodate any mattress type. They are easy to assemble (it takes about ten minutes); the bases are easy to transport or relocate.

Bed Sizes

Beds made from metal come in the standard UK sizes. For example, single beds are three feet wide and six feet, three inches long, or 91 cm x 190 cm. Double beds are 137 cm x 190 cm while the larger king beds are 152 cm x 198 cm. If you wish to buy a super king-sized bed, the furnishing is approximately six feet wide by six feet, six inches long, or 183 cm x 198 cm in size. You can also choose a bespoke design if you wish. If you are seeking a four-poster bed, the bed typically measures 207 cm from the floor to the top of the ball situated on the post. These dimensions are important to take into account when planning the layout of your boudoir.

Approximate Delivery Costs

Beds made from metal, when shipped directly by the manufacturer, can be delivered in the UK as well as abroad. The delivery costs are reasonable as well. If you need next-day delivery, it usually costs around £39.00. The same delivery charge applies to the mattress in question. If you want the bed and mattress delivered at the same time, then the lump sum of delivery is about £55.00.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

If you buy a metal bed, made from hand-forged wrought iron, it is best to include a mattress with the order. Usually the company removes the guesswork from selecting a mattress by complementing the bed with the very best mattress available. They not only take into account the dimensions of the two pieces in question, but the aesthetic nature of the match as well.

For instance, sometimes you can get a quality pocket sprung mattress at a substantially reduced price if you choose to buy the bed from the same supplier. Mattresses of this type are independently fitted with springs that are divided within cylindrical pockets. Because they are not wired to one another, no ripple movement is felt across the bed. Cooler than memory foam mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses are trending metal bed accessories.

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