Options Of Driveway Materials And Which One Should You Choose


Driveways might appear to be mere structural and functional components that add an aesthetic touch to your residence, but their construction or installation needs a lot of consideration. This is because there are different kinds of construction material available from which driveways can be made, and each of these materials has its own pros and cons. Thus, you should know the basic features of different types of driveways High Wycombe before selecting the type that is most suitable for your purposes.

Driveways made from gravel

This type of driveways is extremely popular because of low installation costs. Also, people get attracted to gravel because it can be customised to match the colour scheme of your home. However, while you won’t have to spend a lot for getting this driveway in your premises, you will have to maintain it regularly. In addition, gravel driveways are unsuitable for regions with snowfall.

Driveways made from concrete

Concrete provides the same cost-benefits as gravel and overcomes its disadvantages by being suitable for all weather conditions. Although concrete by itself is available only in a particular colour, it is possible to add different colours to it and give it different textures. This makes concrete as the most popular material for constructing driveways High Wycombe.

Driveways made from asphalt

Yet another very popular driveway construction material, asphalt has the advantage that it retains heat due to its jet-black colour and makes it easier for you to remove snow from the surface. The only major drawback of asphalt driveways is that they require regular maintenance and sealing should be done on them to fill up any cracks before they damage the structure of the driveway.

Driveways made from grass

Considered to be a very eco-friendly alternative to conventional driveway materials, grass also provides a very different look to your premises. Other than regular watering and mowing, you won’t have to spend time or money on maintaining grass driveways. Because of its numerous ecologic and economic benefits, more and more people are considering installation of grass driveways in their premises.

Driveways made from crushed shells

Yet another fantastic and eco-friendly driveway construction material is crushed natural shell from clams, scallops and oysters. Although it might cost a bit more than other types of driveways, it is very cost-effective in the long run because of essentially no maintenance. An added advantage of shells as driveway construction materials is the unique colours and texture that you get.

Driveways made of brick

Brick driveways have traditionally been regarded as the most elegant. In fact, most homeowners who have brick driveways High Wycombe would agree that these driveways have a tremendously positive effect on the property’s resale. Brick driveways are expensive to install and require regular maintenance. But if maintained properly, you won’t have to re-install your driveway again.

In addition to the above-mentioned, conventional driveways construction materials, many people are opting for recycled construction material for making their driveways. They use stone, brick and gravel that is left over from other construction sites and create unusual designs in their driveways.

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