Optimizing Your Storage Shed Space

No matter what the season, you need space to store the tools and equipment you need for outside work. When you have a sturdy storage shed, you can free space in your basement or garage to store other things. What do you do if your shed is too full? It is time to do some de-cluttering and organizing. Here are some helpful hints to give you more space:

Say Goodbye To Clutter

If you cannot move in your shed because of all the junk, then you are losing a lot of its benefits. Over time, you and your family may have pitched things in the storage shed just to get them out of sight. The result is a big mess.

Use the golden rule of de-cluttering: If something has not been used for the last six months, get rid of it. Take everything out of the shed and put it into three sections in the yard: KEEP, DONATE, PITCH. If you have not fixed a broken tool in six months, chances are you do not even need it. Be determined as you go through your equipment.

Things in the DONATION pile should be dropped off at your local thrift store. Try to recycle as much as you can from your PITCH pile. Remember that things such as old paint, lawn chemicals, batteries, and tires cannot go into your dumpster, warns household-tips.com. Call your local authorities for more information about discarding hazardous materials properly.

Some things may still be good, but you do not want to keep them. Consider selling them online for a little extra money. You can use it to buy other tools that you need.

Getting Your Shed Organized

Now that your shed is clutter-free, it will be easier to organize it. When you have designated space for all your tools, you will not waste time looking for lost items. Use crates to organize smaller tools and like items.

You may also consider installing pegboard on the shed walls, recommends diynetwork.com. Buy metal hooks and put them on the pegboard to organize your equipment. Some people draw the shape of the tool on the pegboard for quicker organization.

Recycled metal cans can be nailed on the wall to hold screws, nails, and other small hardware. Try bungee cords to keep rakes and other handled tools safely off the ground. You should have a clear pathway through your shed.

Seasonal Storage

Holiday decorations take up a lot of space. If storage sheds are big enough, they are the best place for these things. Delicate items should be wrapped well to keep them safe. Label your storage boxes by season for easy identification. Try to keep seasonal storage out of the way of the things you use every day.

It takes a lot of tools and specialized equipment to keep a beautiful lawn and garden. Proper storage keeps them safe from the elements. Keeping your shed organized is vital for saving time and for making your tools last for many seasons.

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