New Tips for Being Green at Home

Okay, so you recycle and saved up for a hybrid car. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean that you should leave the lights on when you leave a room or let the water run while you brush your teeth. Some theories of compensatory ethics show that when people try to be moral, they can sometimes let themselves off the hook for lesser offenses. This may happen because it’s harder to keep trying when you’ve already expended a lot of effort, so finding new alternatives to energy use gets sidetracked.

One way of avoiding this is to read how other people are practicing going green and deciding whether you want to implement their techniques. In this article, we will discuss a few of those lesser known ways of keeping green.

1.)                Dispose of Old Batteries Properly

Many people know that they are supposed to, but don’t, because they don’t know what to do with them. While there are a few proper ways, one great idea is to take them to an auto shop the next time you need to go for a tune up, anyway.

2.)                Sharing is Caring

During the great depression, passing around books was an incredibly common practice, because it was an affordable way to stay entertained. Bring back that attitude and share books and magazines. There is even a dialog now about whether it is greener to buy books or just use those new-fangled e-readers. I personally love the feel of a book in my hands, but if we’re saving the planet, I may have to concede to ereaders.

3.)                Get a Power Strip

Energy vampires are no joke. Unplugging every chord every time is a hassle; reduce that to one button. Standby power can up 5-10% of the energy in the average household, which can add up to around $100 per year. Having an extra $100 in your pocket is always good and reducing waste is great.

4.)                Get Smart with Energy

How do you monitor your energy right now? Free hand? Guesstimates? It’s time to take it to the next level with some high-tech energy monitoring. Some tools even come free with your utilities and can help you to create an energy budget. Never say no to free.

5.)                Xeriscaping

Have you even heard of eco-friendly landscaping? It’s a thing and you’re going to want it in your yard like yesterday. The basic premise is that you can use your landscape to your advantage, not just in looks, but for processes like saving water and cooling. Having more plants that require less water, such as the chic succulent plants that seem to be everywhere right now, can help sustainability during a drought as well as save you money, as they will not need to be watered nearly as often. Simply having trees or bushes placed properly around the yard to strategically block sunlight can save you money in cooling your home. Mixing beautiful greenery with being green? Yes, please.

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