Is Your House Damp Proof

There are many reasons why your house might damp. Damping is the process of moisture working its way up into your home. Damping often happens through holes and punctures in your home. These are often in the roof and in the basement; they’re often intentional punctures for items such as air conditioner units. However, damping does not have to happen through punctures. If there is a moisture-wicking material that gets wet, it will become damp.


If you have wood around the basement or the foundation of your home, it can cause damping because the wood will absorb moisture through the ground. The moisture will work its way up into your basement. There are many different ways to reduce damping. Adding a waterproof layer to your foundation will often help reduce or eliminate damping. Furthermore, you can reduce damping with a sump pump. A reliable damp proof in Buckhurst Hill will keep your home dry year-round.

Clear Drains

You can reduce damping by keeping your drains and gutters clean. Gutters catch water rolling down your roof and direct it away from the foundation of your home. If you do not have gutters and downspouts that are properly cleaned, the moisture will build up near the foundation of the house. That will undermine the foundation of the house and cause the moisture to buildup in your basement.

Keep your drains and gutters clear to help reduce damping. Also, make sure that your downspout is directing water away from the foundation of your house.

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