Increase Your Profits With Prepaid Electricity Metering

Measuring electricity with secondary prepaid electricity meters is a great way for property investors, homeowners, and dismissal agents to avoid the risk of paying utility bills for strømavtale if not paid the tenant.

However, field returns show that prepaid electricity meters have other benefits. The customer installed prepaid electricity meters in their rental housing; tell us that one of the attractive benefits of using for prepaid meters directly reduces their turnover of tenants.

Building a good tenant base is a key factor for real estate investors and release agents.

They want to keep tenants as long as they can. The best tenants of an investor or leasing agent and they will stay longer as tenants, their buy-to-let or leverage more profitable. The cost of advertising and tenant control is one of the major costs that realize the profits made during the lease. When a tenant has a high tenant, these costs should be regularly amortized over each lease. As a result, landlords and leasing agents can reduce their tenants, resulting in lower marketing and investment costs and increased total rental income.

Tenants using prepaid meters also appreciate the convenience of the meters.

The Mavis Mteto offers an apartment in Joubert Park and said this about the landlord’s installed counter, “Because of the meter, we know how much we use. Once finished, we will buy I pay with the owner of the cell phone bank, then send an SMS to get the number at any time. “

The level of convenience is related to the fact that prepaid meters provide measurement and sales functionality in a unit. When some prepaid meter systems only provide a measurement solution, some include measurement and sales functionality. The advantage is that the sale of credit chips is an important part of the counter. The disadvantage of using the metro that only provides measurement solutions is that the renter must use a card system and must go to a store to get more credit. This can be a problem for tenants. Cards are damaged, lost and tenants often forget to buy more credit before their current credit is spent.

Prepaid with sales solutions are simple, but effective and very convenient for the owner and the tenant. Tenants paid money to their bank account by the homeowner for electricity using Internet service or telephone banking. The landlord questions the amount paid to the tenant’s meter. The renter then uses his mobile phone to send an SMS asking for a 20-digit credit token. In this way, electric credits can be easily purchased at the office or at home.

Tenants can apply for credit tokens until the credit amount is allocated to their owner’s prepaid meter. Credit tokens can be requested at any time of the day or night using SMS technology. For example, if a tenant files R200.00 with an electrician owner, the tenant can get a 20-digit credit token for R200 or any other lower cost. If a tenant requests a 20-digit credit token for R100.00, the remaining credit will always be R100.00. It can be requested at any time by simply sending another SMS request for a new credit token. So, if the strømavtale amount of the credit token is consumed at 7 pm in the evening watching a football game, all tenants will ask for another credit token and immediately restore their electricity. No need to leave the house and miss the game. Within 2 minutes, the electricity is restored.

The level of control, flexibility, and convenience associated with the full nature of the sales function provided in all prepaid meters. Avoid any breach of the tenant’s name due to the use of prepaid electricity measurement solutions. With these benefits and controls, tenants have control, but homeowners are protected. Rental disputes are reduced and help improve relations between tenants and their owners. By demonstrating the experience on the ground, improving relationships has a positive impact on landlords and tenants, which translates into more tenants changing their leases.

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