How to Choose the Perfect Carpet and Pad

You cannot deny that carpet simply feels wonderful under your feet. It is also warmer in the wintertime. Not only that, but carpet blocks out sounds, which gives a home a cosier and more peaceful feel. Whilst carpet requires more maintenance than tile or vinyl, it cannot be matched in terms of warmth, comfort and the absorption of sound.

Look for the Following Features

Carpets in Hampshire gain notice when they feature the following advantages:

  • A selection of various patterns
  • Dirt resistance
  • Fade resistance
  • A large number of colours from which to choose

Adding Padding                                                     

You also need to make sure that you add a pad to your carpet installation. Never skimp on padding in order to save a bit more money. Padding provides the following benefits:

  • It supports carpet strength.
  • It adds cushioning.
  • It prevents early carpet wear.

Keeping Your Carpet Pristine

Padding may be made from a foam or rubber material that is designed to hide subfloor defects and improve the looks of a carpeted floor. Padding also serves as insulation to control a home’s temperature. Sound is better absorbed as well when a padding is used.

The pad you choose should be matched to the kind of carpet you buy. Experts recommend the following selection:

  • A 11-millimetre pad with 2.7 kilograms of density for each cubic foot to support cut loop carpets or pile carpeting.
  • A 9.5-millimetre pad with 3.6 kilograms of density for each cubic foot of Berber carpeting.

As you can see, a pad complements the carpet. Therefore, make sure that you include this accessory when you make a carpet selection for your home.


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