How to Avoid Blocked Drains

If you have yet to have the bad fortune to experience blocked drains, it is not exactly the most pleasant of situations, with bad smells usually arriving at the same time as the water overflows the toilet, and while you can never be 100% certain of staying blockage free, here are some useful tips to greatly reduce the chances of a blocked drain.

  • Install Sink Filters – These wonderful little gadgets fit neatly over the plug hole, and the fine stainless steel mesh ensures that no debris makes it into the drainage system. Simply fit one on every sink or bath water escape, and this will reduce the risk of a blockage. You can purchase these at any hardware store, or order them online, which is a convenient way to shop. If you happen to live in Kent, and have blocked drains in Bromley, there is an excellent company who can remedy this at an affordable price.
  • Create a Compost Heap – The kitchen is the most common location for a blockage to occur, and it usually involves food waste which is flushed down the kitchen sink, and by making a firm rule that all food waste, no matter how small, must be put in a special container located next to the sink. You will also have some great fertiliser for your vegetable patch, which the whole family will appreciate. All it takes is a little obstruction, and over time, this will build up, causing a solid blockage that will be very difficult to dislodge.
  • Rinse Frequently – This can be done with the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and all you do is to put the plug in and fill the sink with hot water, then when you pull out the plug, the hot water will act as a cleaner as it passes through the piping. You can add some baking soda if you wish, and although this is not really a way to unblock a drain, regular application will reduce the chances of a blockage occurring.
  • Educate the Family – If you hold an informal meeting to explain best practices for avoiding blocked drains, they are likely to adopt these practices, and by not allowing human hair to go down the shower or bath plug hole, you are helping to keep the pipes clean and free of obstacles.
  • Regular Cleaning – At least once a month, you should run water and watch the way it disappears down the plug hole. If there is a gurgling sound, you might already have the beginnings of a blockage, and with regular sessions, this can be avoided.

There is always the chance of a drain blockage, although if you carry out all of the above tips, the chances are greatly reduced. Food waste and human hair are the biggest culprits and as long as you are vigilant, blocked drains will not be an issue in your household.

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