How Double Glazed And Sealed Units Are Prepared

Double glazed windows are replacing the traditional windows with a great speed. Millions of building owners across the globe are passionate about fixing these newly developed pieces facilitated by double glazing North London and other prominent concerns in this line. It is the extraordinary benefits including protection from ill effects of pollution, prevention of heat loss and reduced energy bills and overall enhancement in the worth of our buildings that make these windows the preferred choice of millions of people. Building owners and the visitors to the premises take pride in having a glance at these units.

Manufacturing process – Following are the usual steps that are involved in the making of double glazing unit:

  • The very first step is cutting of glass into suitable lengths and widths.
  • The spacer bar is cut as per the unit’s size with an allowance of 23mm overall decrease. This is the stage when use of Georgian bar (if needed) and filling of dryer is done. Air moisture is absorbed.
  • The glass is washed with hot water and dried up with hot air blowers. Imperfections with the glass, if any are removed well. It is the phase when the glass is collected into a part by using pre-cut spacer bar and transferred to the sealing section edges that are sealed with the help of warm edge sealant.
  • Color film, if demanded is spreaded after cleaning the glass and its face since leaded to the needed design. Known as ‘Back Leading’, the back of the glass is applied with the lead. The entire glass is once again cleaned for undergoing inspection for assembling it into a unit.
  • Needless to write, good manufacturing practices are exercised at each step as regards making of a double glazed units by double glazing North London or other experienced companies.

Making of sealed unit – Manufacturing of a sealed unit involves two glass panes that are divided by the help of a spacer frame. It is made from the foam or tube spacer while the tube can be cut down or bent and corner keyed. Primary plaster is used to fix the spacer frame onto the glass panes. Filling of spacer tube is done with dusty on the sides of the frame. Dusty compound is included in the making of foam spacer. Back of the spacer is applied with the secondary plastert for sealing the unit. Thermal efficiency can be greatly improved with filling of gas in the insulated glass sealed units.

Precautions – It is suggested to tape around the unit’s edges for controlling the fitting in safe manners and store on a glass rack that is readied for collection and delivery. Different suitably sized tapes are available in the local market and through online stores too.

Known as double-pane and insulated glazing units; double glazing units are becoming more and more popular these days. Demand of these units is increasing steeply and honest concerns like double glazing North London and others with their focus on customers’ entire satisfaction fulfill the same.

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