How does a sprinkler timer work?

Lawn care is something that can be an onerous task regardless of which tools you use, but it can be simplified. A water timer has become one of the most ubiquitous tools as it frees up some of the time of the person, allowing them to set a timer and let it take care of watering the lawn.

This allows the person taking care of the lawn to not worry as much about the lawn and do other things rather than rushing home and watering the lawn. This not only allows the person to worry less about the lawn but to also make sure that the lawn gets the water that it needs.

The water timer that everyone grew up with worked rather simply: The timer had two settings that had to be set, and when they were set the person could safely assume that it would work as set. The first setting could be set to go off at the same time every day and when it went off it triggered the sprinklers.

A second setting would ensure that the sprinklers would go for the specified time and then turn off. If the person setting the timer wanted the sprinklers to go off multiple times then they just needed a timer capable of multiple times.

However, there were some issues with the old-fashioned water timer. There was usually no way to tell if the sprinklers were having problems, such as leaks or just not operating. Also, once set those settings would be the default; that is, unless otherwise modified they went off the same time for the same period every day.

They could not be adjusted if the weather changed or if something else changed, at least not on their own, thus creating a problem if there was a surprise rain. While it did the job well enough, the very automation and lack of sensors could create its own problems.

The Zilker water timer allows some fixes to those problems. The system itself can act as regular water timer would, being able to be set for a time and a duration, but it can handle the problems mentioned by taking advantage of smart technology.

The system uses a smartphone app to tie the sprinkler system to the owner’s phone, allowing for the owner to make changes to the settings from wherever he is.

It also tells the person what the local weather is like, allowing them to change the time and duration to better suit the weather and other conditions. This allows the system to better adapt to the needs of the lawn.

It can also tell the owner if the system has any leaks, allowing for the maintenance of the system as needed.

While it is definitely advised that sprinkler be inspected regularly and repaired as needed, with it being thoroughly inspected after winter passes so as to better allow for the possibility of busted pipes and damaged sprinkler heads, this function of the app should allow for a better way to keep an eye on the overall performance of the sprinkler system.

Combined with the ability to adjust the settings on the fly from virtually any location and the input from local weather, this means that the Zilker water timer is one of the most effective water timers currently available.

Lawn care can be one of the most annoying tasks that a homeowner can deal with, simply because it takes time to deal with and the person is doing nothing more than spraying the lawn down.

Given the amount of time it takes it is little wonder that most people use some form of water timer. Using one that allows one to modify and monitor it from anywhere is just that much easier.

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