Hate Landscaping? Try These Four Ways To Effortlessly Clean Up Your Yard

There are things that homeowners love to do, things that they don’t like but do anyway, and then there are things that they absolutely hate. If landscaping is not your thing, you are not alone. Many feel as if there are enough things going on inside the house to worry about the condition of the outside.

Once the duties of outdoor chores like weed identification and removal gets away from you, it is difficult and arduous to get it under control. Sometimes heavily labor intensive, cleaning up the outdoors can also be expensive if you don’t choose things that are maintenance-free. The key to making your outdoors something you can live with is finding things that are not only a quick fix but they are also self-maintaining.

The problem is that although you only see the inside of your home most of the time, what the world sees is the exterior. Landscaping is an important feature of your home and something that you simply can’t afford to ignore. If you are not someone with a green thumb, the good news is to achieve a beautiful front and backyard; you don’t have to be. There are four ways that you can make your outdoors beautiful again with very little expense or effort on your part.

Use these four effort-free ways to clean up your yard and make it beautiful again.

1 Shrubs are nice, but trees are maintenance-free

Many homeowners use a plethora of shrubbery in the front of the homes and around the back for shade and ambiance. The problem with shrubs is that they are labor intensive, hard to maintain, and can be costly. Adding at least one tree will take up the empty space in your exterior and be as maintenance-free as possible. Choose a flowering tree to add beauty to your outdoor spaces.

2 Mulch instead of ground cover

Ground cover can be overwhelming for some people, and it involves a lot of weeding and cutting back, especially in the fall and spring. If you use mulch in the right way, it is as maintenance-free as you can get. Before you lay down, new mulch beds make sure to spray the area to take care of any weeds and then add a protective layer of landscaping netting to keep anything from growing. Once the mulch is down, it will make the space look fresh and give it a crisp and well-defined look that you can’t get with ground cover. Also, it is a much less expensive way to cover the ground where things won’t grow due to poor soil conditions or lighting issues.

3 Use edging

Nothing makes a landscape look worse than when things get out of control and grow where they aren’t supposed to. If you have clearly defined areas or beds, make sure to prevent them from encroaching into other spaces by using edging to keep things back. Not only will it make the space look well maintained and clean, depending on the materials you use, but it can also make you home look more stately and beautiful. The key is to use the same edging around the property and keep it uniform, so you have an overall look and plan to your outdoor spaces.

4 Use pops of color

You can make the entire yard maintenance-free through mulch, but that can make your home look bland and unexciting. To up the beauty of your curbside appeal add pops of color to areas of your home to make them more warm and inviting. Pots are an excellent way to add color and they also won’t have you digging in beds and continually pulling up weeds. They also can be watered quickly and replaced if they don’t make it very long. Pots aligning your flower beds, on the front stoops of your home, or aligning your patio, are a great way to interject color with ease. They also won’t cost a fortune or require your weekends to make them look perfect.

If you aren’t a landscaping lover, but want to have a beautiful curbside appeal, go with the theory that less is more. Using maintenance-free material will ensure that your outdoor never runneth over, and interjecting color in various places, will make a much better landscaping theme.

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