GRP Flat Roofing Installations Keep UK Businesses Well Covered

One well-recognised type of flat roof is made of glass-reinforced plastic. This fibreglass material is constructed with a resin of polyester that is reinforced by glass fibres to form a laminate. The composite material is not only light but surprisingly strong. Moreover, a roof that is laid with the material can last for as long as 30 years.

Laying a GRP Flat Roof

When companies that feature affordable roofing services in York lay GRP flat roofs, they must do so under certain conditions. These conditions require the following measures:

  • The roof must be laid in dry conditions onto a dry deck.
  • The ambient temperature must be five degrees Celsius or above.
  • It takes two people to strip, re-deck, laminate, and top coat a GRP roof measuring 20 metres about one day to perform the project.
  • The roof should not be installed unless the weather forecast indicates a settled period.
  • The decking boards should be fixed to the roof using anchors with a penetration of at least 25 millimetres.
  • When the boards are laid, the spaces between the boards should appear face up so the resin will reinforce them when the laminate is added.
  • Boards should be staggered to enhance the roof’s strength.

Whilst this type of installation does take some planning, it is an installation that will not dramatically deteriorate over the years. When a system called “Cure It” is installed, waterproofing is included. “Cure It” can create varying finishes including non-slip surfaces. It also features an array of colours so that specific needs can be met.

The best venues to install GRP flat roofs are over garages, above projections such as bay windows, or on flat coverings.

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