Experience Counts with Bifold Doors and Glazing Solutions

Folding doors are not necessarily a new idea, since archaeologists have found evidence of this design in Italy and other locations dating back several thousand years. But the technology used to produce these doors has brought property owners some exciting benefits, with durability and ease of use at the top of the list.

As a general category, folding doors have narrow panels with hinges between them that allow the wider body to fold back in sections. This design is great for both interior and exterior use, with one of the top benefits being the ability to access the opening without having a door swing into the room or the space beyond.

Variety of Materials

Modern bifold doors are generally made of wood, aluminium or a PVC material, all of which provide years of service in the right setting. Another benefit with this door design is that the opening can be much wider, giving the homeowner better physical or visual access between two rooms, a room and an outdoor space or even a room and a walk-in closet. Conventional doors covering the same opening would prove to be difficult to manage due to size and weight.

If you are considering the installation of these outstanding doors in your home or business, you would be wise to start your search by visiting the website of one of the leaders in the industry. These experts bring innovative manufacturing techniques to the task and use only the finest timber, aluminium and composite materials in their products. Plan to devote some time to the site, to learn more about the beautiful and practical options you have with the bifold design.

You’ll find these professionals also offer you the opportunity to view their products in person at their main location or one of their outstanding showrooms. When you learn that these doors were the first to be given Secured by Design status, you’ll be even more likely to add them to your property. This designation is a British Police accreditation used for classification of commercial and residential security products. Not only do you benefit from convenience of use and great appearance, these fine doors add significantly to the security of your property.

Talk to Them

After you browse the website, be sure to get in touch with a representative to talk about your specific needs. These specialist manufacturers offer bespoke glazing solutions for your projects, including original timber doors of softwood, hardwood and oak. You can also select folding, sliding doors in aluminium, along with windows of composite and aluminium.

As you discuss your particular project ideas, be sure to ask about the array of window products, roof lights, French doors, single doors, and contemporary entrance doors with the great name FunkyFront. You also have access to traditional KlassicFront entrance systems, a perfect choice for self-builders and homeowners.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an architect, these leading suppliers will be happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life. Get in touch today to arrange a site survey. Use the skilled, experienced fitting team to make sure your project is completed just as you imagined.

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