Essential Services Every Homeowner will Need

Running a typical family home involves a lot of planning, and there are many services that you might require at some point. It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that a water pipe might decide to rupture, which usually happens in the middle of the night, or perhaps there’s a blockage in the drain, and without an emergency number to call, things might not turn out so well. For those who are new to home management, here is a list of essential numbers you should store in your smartphone for future reference.

  • The Glazier – Most of your home is covered with glass, which, as we all know, breaks rather easily, and by having the number of an emergency glazier, you will be prepared, should the worst happen. It might be a neighbour’s football, or a stone flying out from under a lawnmower, and once a window has been broken, your home security has been compromised, so repairs should be carried out promptly. You might be looking for window glass repair in Perth, or Melbourne, and with an online search, you will soon locate a reliable, local contractor who can carry out the repairs.
  • Plumbing Issues – The plumber can handle a variety of issues, from a dripping tap to a burst water pipe, and most can also sort out blocked drains, which is very handy for the homeowner. While the plumber is attending to a repair, you can ask him to give your system a thorough visual inspection, which will reveal anything that needs to be replaced.
  • An Electrician – While most of us can change a fuse or plug, any more requires the help of a trained electrician. If the worst happens, and you experience a power cut, check the safety cut switch and if that hasn’t tripped, then turn off the power at the source and call an emergency electrician who can quickly identify the problem and carry out repairs.
  • A Roofing Contractor – Your roof is a critical component of the house and should it ever be compromised by storm damage, a lot of damage can occur in a very short space of time. The guttering needs to be regularly cleaned, and if you are not comfortable working at heights, your local roofing contractor would be more than happy to clean the guttering and downpipes, ensuring excess rain water has a path to escape. A visual inspection would reveal any missing or dislodged tiles, which need to be replaced as soon as possible. Most roofers have a large stock of old roof tiles and can usually find a perfect match, which will save you some money.
  • The Locksmith – Hopefully, it will never happen, but in the event you lock yourself out of the home, a locksmith would be the person to call. Failing that, you could break a window and call in the local glazier, which would probably work out cheaper.

There are, of course, other services you might need, such as heating and a/c service providers, and with an online search, you can source just about every essential service you might need.

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