Ease Your Busy Mornings with an Extra Bathroom

Most homes with adults and children are a hub of activity in the early mornings. With parents getting ready for work and kids getting ready for school, there is often a line for the bathroom. When the kids become teenagers, the problem becomes even worse. As your family grows, you may find yourself wishing for another bathroom. This task is completely feasible with a good contractor.

No More Running Late

There is not much you can do about getting out the door to work when the bathrooms are in full use. You may find that the kids are still waiting for their turn when it’s time to leave. The only option may seem to get everyone up at the crack of dawn to take turns. There is something that can be done. In only a few weeks, you could be back on track with your morning schedule. The answer is hiring someone who specialises in bathroom installations in Bristol.

Girls versus Boys

When you have both girls and boys in the home, bathroom sharing can be a challenge. The boys may complain about makeup all over the counter, while girls fuss when the toilet seat is left up. A bathroom to separate the genders may be the best option. This can also provide a fun decorating opportunity for each group. Bring about peace in the home with a new bathroom.

  • Ends unnecessary arguing
  • More space to store makeup, hair dryers, etc.
  • Girls and boys décor

Homes often need a new bathroom when children get older, elderly parents move in, or the current one is too small. These can be placed in the home near the current plumbing, allowing for easy installation. Hire a contractor today to plan yours.



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