Does it Matter Who Cuts Your Keys

The short answer is that yes, it does matter who cuts your keys. While it might seem like an incredibly simple task to cut keys, there are some complexities involved in the process. Your key works because you insert it into your lock, and the ridges and bumps in the key push up pins inside of your lock to a specific pattern. That specific pattern unlocks the door. If they are off by even a millimetre, the door will not open. That is generally what is happening if you have to wiggle your key to get the lock to open, which puts you in danger of breaking your key or damaging your lock. That’s all because of a single millimetre.

It Matters Who Cuts Your Keys

You need great locksmiths in Blackheath to cut your keys.

  • An ill-fitting key is difficult to use to open your door.
  • An ill-fitting key can also damage your lock. If you are off by a millimetre or two, you might end up trying to force the lock, which will grind away at the structures inside the lock over time.
  • The lock will then either cease to lock or unlock, depending on where it has been damaged.

Great Prices

It also matters who cuts your keys because you need great prices. Cutting keys should not be incredibly expensive. However, you should look for a locksmith that will offer you more services than just cutting keys for the price you pay. You should look for locksmiths who are willing to come out to where you are if you’re stranded somewhere or if you’re at work and cut multiple keys, as well.

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