Do You Need To Schedule A Lifting Service At Your Project Site

Many times construction managers must rely on a lifting and crane service to fulfil a lifting requirement. If you cannot rely on in-house knowledge, you must turn to an outside source. That is why many project managers depend on crane and lifting professionals to meet project milestones and objectives.

A contract lifting service usually includes a site inspection by an appointed person. The appointed person is responsible for planning a lift and for supplying method statements, lifting plans, and lift risk evaluations.

Scheduling a Lift

When you contact contract lifting services in Darlington, you will receive everything you need to perform a successful lift. For example, on the day of the lift, the service will supply a properly sized crane and experienced personnel.

Lifting Tackle

Also, when you use the services of a lift and crane company, you will have access to a variety of lifting tackle. This includes the following gear:

  • Lifting beams and related accessories
  • Web and round slings
  • Master links
  • Lever hoists
  • Chain blocks
  • Shackles

Following the Rules

A lift company should be focused on safety. For example, when using tackle, shackles should not be used without adhering to certain rules. These rules include the following:

  • Affix multiple sling legs to a slingbow rather than the pin. If the legs are attached to the pin, it may weaken or damage the sling.
  • If a shackle is used with a wire rope, the shackle should be equal or bigger than the diameter of the rope.

Regardless of your exact lifting requirements, always make sure to use the services of a specialist in the field.

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