Clean your home with something easy and reliable

Vacuum cleaners are Important especially if you have carpet flooring. You can’t just use a broom to sweep all of the loose dirt away, can you? Good thing Dyson created a series of vacuums that you could gladly choose from! They have lots of new products that are better than the previous ones that they have made. It won’t come cheap though. But, you can always choose what you think would best fit your house and your current situation.

They have previously released a product called dyson V7 animal that is (obviously) a part of their Dyson V7 Models which is a lot but has different characteristics. What makes the models great is that it is engineered to clean all floor types. It basically combines both the features of V6 and V8 and this is one of their newest products that all housewives need to get their hands on for easier cleaning of the house.

Let us take a look at the features of the V7

There are two ways that you can use the Dyson V7. You can have it cordless, or you can also use it with a stick and it will look like a handheld upright vacuum cleaner. Its battery is an improved lithium-ion battery which makes this even more powerful and can be used in maximum for up to six minutes. It can clean a large area for over 30 minutes which is more than enough and it makes sure that it is squeaky clean.

You think that it’s heavy? Think again!

It is super lightweight that even the elderlies could easily carry it around because it only weighs 3 pounds! This means that you can have it transferred from room to room and you can easily stash it away after using it. You can store it, together with the docking station, anywhere in your house because it is not bulky. This feature makes it ready to use any time of the day, whenever you want to. The 14-gallon dirt bin is proven to be enough whenever you clean up, and just to be sure, empty it out after each use.

What are the benefits of your future best friend?

First is that it is cheaper than the V8. Second, you can empty the dirt bin easier compared to the model V6. Third, you can go cordless whenever you want to! Another great advantage is that it is perfect for decent sized homes, whether you are using a carpet or not. Grab it while you still can!

The possible disadvantages for you…

What makes this easier to empty is because the dirt bin is small which can be a pain for those who want to clean an even larger area because you have to empty it from time to time. And though it is cheaper than the model V8, it is still relatively expensive.

If you have considered one of the V7 models’ as your future partner in crime, then you are in for a surprise because the different models offer you some insight into what you might need for your home. Grab one to experience what other homeowners have been gushing about!


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