Bamboo vs Laminate Flooring

We’ve all heard of laminate flooring, since it is now the default floor covering of choice for many homes around Australia. Bamboo on the other hand doesn’t yet share the same level of popularity, not because there is anything wrong it, but because it just isn’t that well known or is often mistaken for hardwood.

In some cases, bamboo floor coverings can provide several additional benefits over and above other floor coverings of a similar appearance. If you’re looking for the aesthetics of wood but are open to options, let us tell you all about bamboo flooring.

What is Bamboo Flooring?

We’re all familiar with the plant but what many may not know is that it is a form of grass and not a tree. It is far more environmentally friendly and able to replenish itself at a much faster rate, making it a great choice for the eco conscious amongst us.

Bamboo planks, suitable for flooring, are made by breaking down the stalks of this plant and then cutting them into strips. Similar to laminate, these strips are then fused together via the use of high heat compression machines to produce individual planks.

This is where the similarity ends as laminate floors share very little in common with bamboo.


Laminate flooring is relatively hardwearing and usually lasts for years, sometimes decades in the right environment. That said, laminate flooring is particularly prone to scratching which renders the surface useless as it cannot be repaired.

Bamboo on the other hand is much harder than both laminate and hardwood floors. Its surface is impervious to all but the most extreme damage which means that it should last much longer in your home.

A Cost Comparison

Laminate and bamboo flooring are much cheaper options than engineered and hardwood surfaces. This has always been the attraction to hardwood alternatives for people wanting the appearance of an authentic wood floor without the costs.

The differences in cost between bamboo and laminate are a little subtler. At the very low end of the range, laminate still comes up trumps and can usually be found for around 50% less than a comparable bamboo floor.

We suggest that you weigh up initial cost against overall longevity and lifespan.


The highest quality laminate and bamboo floor coverings will fool almost everyone into thinking they’re real wood. Unless you know what you’re looking for, you simply won’t be able to tell the difference.

Bamboo just pips laminate to the post in terms of its overall level of authenticity as it has the feel to back up its looks. Bamboo can also be laid in a particular way that highlights its knots, going even further to mimic hardwood floors.

Source Your Bamboo Floor Covering

We’re sold on bamboo. Its environmentally friendly, cost effective and looks like the real deal. If we’ve also managed to convince you, we suggest you track down a flooring company to have it installed in your home. Bamboo flooring on the Sunshine Coast is readily available from several flooring retailers so you shouldn’t be short of choice. Shortlist a few and ask them to provide a quotation; some retailers might even offer free installation.

High quality floor coverings no longer have to be the preserve of the wealthy with so many great alternatives on the market.

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