All You Want To Know About Various Types Of Garden Benches

There is no match for the peace and tranquility you experience, when you are outdoors. The garden can be a very relaxing and joyful experience. Away from the traffic and office rush, gardens are a perfect way to spend your evenings.

On deciding the perfect benches for your garden, there are many things to consider. How often will you use them? How many benches do you want in your garden? Do you need any table space on your benches? Where do you want to place the bench? These are some questions you should ask yourself before buying a bench for your garden. Here we have compiled a list of points that will help you choose better.

Types of garden benches

  • Traditional benches

A bench having legs, back and a seat are termed as traditional garden benches. They have back, so that you can rest upon it. All traditional benches may not have armrests. They are very easy to assemble and dis-assemble. They are cheap and can be made in various styles. They are generally raised from the ground to a certain height. They are ideal for 2-3 persons.

  • Storage type benches

Instead of being raised from the ground, these types of benches are made up of hollow cylindrical bases. The seats can also be used as a storage space. They have hollow spaces which open up to become a storage trunk. They are ideal for families who want storage space in their benches. This space can also be used for keeping stuff you may take on a picnic. As these benches are heavier, they are more expensive than the traditional benches.

  • Companion benches

As the name suggests, companion benches have a small table that sits on the centre of the bench. On either side of the table, there is seating space that can be utilized by people to sit. It is ideal for couples, who want to have a romantic space in their garden. It is also suited for families looking to have a table on their bench.

  • Picnic benches

A-frame picnic bench, which is flanked by two smaller benches, is the most popular form of picnic bench mostly seen at public places. There are variants of it, where a round table is placed in between the benches. The people are generally seated inwards, facing towards each other.

Material used to make benches

  • Wood:¬†Most benches are made of wood. It is low cost, and can easily accept stress and strains. It can be painted and cut to make any desired shape. However, wood can deteriorate over time with its exposure to wind and water during rains.
  • Metal: Metal benches can be costly. They are also heavier making them less portable. It has more life than the wooden tables.
  • Stone:¬†Stone benches can be very expensive making them a rare sight. In the past, benches were certainly made up of stone. They have a long life and are heavier than metal benches.

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