5 Tips To Help You Prepare For Pest Control Service At Your Home

Every successful pest control treatment calls for absolute co-operation and a pooling of effort in a partnership between the pest control company and the owner of the space being treated, be it residential, commercial or industrial.

As a homeowner, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you are well prepared for the pest control service. To optimize the efforts of your exterminator team, here is a look at five things you can do

Declutter your space

Do you have tons of storage boxes and clothing lying around the house? Perhaps it’s a heap of papers in a corner of your house? These are perfect grounds for the pests to hide and breed. Help the exterminator to get to all the eggs and pests by decluttering every room in your house.

Your Floors

Clear as much floor area as you possibly can by removing carpets and rugs as insect larva and eggs hide on and under the carpet. Also ensure that the floor is clear of toys, shoes, books and other items such as clothing. Use detergent to clean the floors and be sure to work in a good scrub while you are at it.

If you cannot remove the carpet, be sure to thoroughly vacuum all carpeted floors and make use of the crevice attachment to get to every nook and cranny. After the thorough vacuuming, take out the vacuum and carefully dispose of the properly sealed vacuum bag.

The Furniture

Before the pest control experts get to your premises, ensure that you move every piece of furniture to at least four-five feet away from the walls. This should give the technicians enough space to move around freely and reach every corner during the actual treatment.

Apart from the furniture, try to also move as many appliances as you can from the walls.

Caring For Your Pets

If you have a fish bowl or aquarium in the house, cover these with some sheets, towels or a waterproof cover. If you have other pets such as dogs, cats and pet birds in your home, be sure to take them out with you when you leave the house. The pest control treatment can be quite toxic not only for you, but also to your house pets. You and the pets should be prepared to stay away from the home for a couple of hours depending on the treatment and following advice from the experts.

Your Food

Remove all food from countertops and other exposed surfaces. If it is not canned food, ensure that you keep it in the refrigerator or heavy plastic containers with lids. You can also choose to cover the dining area furniture and food preparation surfaces before the treatment.

Every home is different and depending on your specific pest problem, your pest control company may customize a solution to specifically address the problem. Even with that in mind, these general preparation steps play a significant role in just how effective your internal pest control treatment will turn out. Omaha’s most trusted pest control experts can be found at https://millerpestomaha.com/  and will give you professional pest control services and provide you with more tips on how to prepare for the service.

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