5 Instant Benefits of LED Lighting

If you have a modern car then you have probably experienced the benefits of LED daytime running lights and headlights. A bright white, crisp glow that not only does a far better job of illuminating surfaces and objects but is also far more aesthetically pleasing than a regular halogen bulb.

Well now you can have this advancement in lighting technology within your home. No longer unobtainable for most due to cost, LED lighting is the way forward providing better performance and more comfort than a simple halogen energy saving bulb.

  • Much Longer Life Expectancy

We’ve all been there, hastily reaching for that light switch in the dark only to hear that all too familiar pop that signifies yet another bulb has blown.

Regular incandescent bulbs are simply unreliable and spend far too much time breaking to make them reliable in high use environments.

The LED bulb has a light expectancy of over 11 years of continual use. To put that into context, if you were to use a light fitting for 8 hours a day you wouldn’t need to replace that bulb for more than 20 years.

  • Highly Energy Efficient

It could be argued that the greatest benefit is in the resultant lower running costs of LED technology. Picture the following;

  • An LED bulb is 80% efficient with only a 20% energy loss
  • A typical incandescent bulb is 20% efficient with an 80% energy loss

This waste energy is usually converted to heat and clearly, we aren’t interested in heating our homes with lightbulbs.

If you received a lighting bill for a traditional lighting system of $100 then $80 will have been spent and wasted on heat losses. With an LED system, that same bill will only have been $20.

Multiply this across your home and you can see where the savings in your energy bills will come in.

  • Eco Friendly

Some of us care about the environment more than others but it’s hard to deny the appeal of telling everyone who will listen about your reduced carbon footprint.

LED bulbs contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable whereas incandescent bulbs usually contain mercury. Couple this with the extended lifespan of an LED bulb and you’re one step closer to saving the planet.

  • Low UV Emissions

The output of LED bulbs is nearly UV ray free. If your home features light sensitive objects or you’re using a room as a private art gallery, LED lighting will provide safe illumination without the risk of light damage.

  • Instant Light

LED bulbs feature zero warm up time, giving you the light you need when you need it. No longer will you have to wait whilst your bulbs gather energy leaving you free to efficiently move from room to room, unimpeded.

Your next step is to find an electrician for a quotation. If you’re in or north of Perth, there are several electricians in Malaga who will be able to assist. Not just able to install lighting, an electrician can provide a whole range of solutions from energy efficiency audits to whole house rewiring.

Give your lighting the upgrade it so desperately needs and install an up to date, energy saving lighting system that will provide you with a host of benefits.

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